ProHealth Staff

To contact a staff member, please call 410-281-1600. The ProHealth administrative staff are listed below. ProHealth research study staff are also listed below, by study name.


ProHealth Administration

Dr. Lawrence Appel

Jeanne Charleston

Deborah Swilley

Lisbeth Espinoza



Dr. Gail Daumit, Principal Investigator

Joseph Gennusa, Study Director

Leslie Campbell, Study Coordinator

Dapo Fred-Omojole, Study Coordinator

Debra Gayles

Meghan Oefinger


CKD-K Study

Dr. Sharon Turban, Principal Investigator

Matthew Egan

Karen White


CRIC Study

Hema Venkatesh, Study Coordinator

Nyya Etheridge

Joyce Lambert

Carla Martia

Patience Ngoh

Valerie Sneed


Go FISH Study

Dr. Edgar “Pete” Miller, Principal Investigator

Karen Henoch-Ryugo



Dr. Frederick Brancati, Principal Investigator

Lee Schwartz, Study Coordinator

Jean Arceci

David Bolen

Dawn Jiggetts

Mia Johnson

Joyce Lambert

Sarah Longenecker

Kathy Michalski

Victoria Proctor

Chanchai Sapun

Danielle Santiago


OmniCarb Study

Dr. Lawrence Appel, Principal Investigator

Letitia Thomas, Study Coordinator

Tara Harrison

Brittany Jiggetts

Mia Johnson

Richard Marsh

Phyllis McCarron

Kenny Mroz

Charles Powell

Chanchai Sapun

Valerie Sneed

Patrick Sullivan

Karen White


Power Study

Dr. Lawrence Appel, Principal Investigator

Jeff Reynolds, Study Coordinator

Arlene Dalcin

Katie Dietz

Tia Harris

Colleen Schreyer


Tempo Study

Dr. Terry Watnick, Principal Investigator

Charalett Diggs, Study Coordinator


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